I like opera.


Santa Rosa de Lima, attributed to Jose  del Pozo; Museo de Arte de Lima, Lima, Peru; c.1810 - 1820

Saint Rose of Lima is venerated as the patron of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, and is, along with Saint Pudentiana, the secondary patroness of the Philippines

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Anonymous: Do have any tips for speaking more confidently? I can read French well and write it too but I always get nervous speaking and jump back into English.


Rehearse in front of your mirror. It’s actually very effective to train by talking to yourself in French. Your mirror won’t judge so you’re free to make all the mistakes you want. We’re all actors when we speak another language, we adopt a new culture and a new way to think like actors do when they play a new role. Rehearse like them, it’ll help.

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i don’t think bartok is okay

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shoot him again ‘cause i can see his soul dancin’

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R.I.P Tom Tierney - 1928-2014


more pics of bartok serving face

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